The IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) Education Committee invites video submissions for the IEEE Educational Videos on Power Electronics. The goal is to provide educational content to PELS members, and to the public at large, on technical and theoretical topics related to power electronics.  The videos may cover concepts ranging from basics to advanced topics. The goal of the videos is to broaden existing knowledge in power electronics by highlighting pivotal concepts and techniques, presenting key technical and theoretical issues in an intuitive, abridged, yet precise version and to explain broad or fundamental concepts that are key to the understanding of research results.

The videos should be concisely presented in the required time length and meet all the requirements listed on the Submission Checklist.  Presentations on a comprehensive subject can be submitted as a series of videos, but each must be self-contained. The submitted videos will be peer-reviewed for technical content and clarity. Accepted videos will be made publicly available on the IEEE PELS Educational Videos platform under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.